Our process helps you become an intentional, purpose-driven leader and equips you with the tools to achieve lasting change.

Areas of Expertise.

1:1 Leadership

We have a proven, six-month process designed to help you know yourself like never before. Learn how to identify the things that have been holding you back and then make the adjustments to become a better, more effective leader.

Leadership Team Coaching

If your leadership team is a great collection of individuals, but not reaching its potential as a high-performance team, we can help. Our team coaching process, combined with individual coaching, leads to breakthroughs in building trust and functioning as the team you were meant to be.


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Family Business Coaching

Working with family presents a unique set of challenges. We help you have conversations you’ve never had before to address the toughest issues preventing optimal health in the family or the business, today and for future generations.

Culture Change

True culture change starts with equipping your team members with “how” to be the change. We provide the tools and the training to make change real and lasting.

The Power of
Leadership Coaching

“I am biased of course, but in my opinion, it is hard to match personal coaching for individual leadership growth. First of all, because of the confidential nature of the relationship, the leader can be completely honest with themselves . . . about themselves, without fear of retribution or judgment. This honesty leads to real openness about areas where they can grow or change.

Alongside the leader they have a coach who is totally focused on encouraging them, equipping them with tools, helping them consider new perspectives and holding them accountable to their commitments.

It is an incredible partnership oriented on the leader’s growth that I have not seen replicated anywhere else.”

– Rob McKinnon, MCC

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