You have the potential. We help you maximize it.

We are a collective of coaches who follow a common, proven approach for helping leaders like you experience real, and lasting, change. While you would experience this same process with any of us, we are each as unique as the leaders we coach. When our workloads allow it, we offer you the option of talking with any of us to see which one feels like just the right partner for your work.

Meet Our Coaches

Rob McKinnon, MCC, founder

1:1 Coaching // Team Coaching // Family Business Coaching

I believe that what makes a great coach is not having all the answers, but rather, asking great questions. And that’s what I’ve been doing for over a decade as a coach, thought-leader, speaker, and author. My goal is to help CEOs and senior executives know themselves better than they ever thought possible, to become even better, more effective leaders. To learn more about my background and the services I offer, click the button below.

Brad Sytsma, ACC, CO-founder

1:1 Coaching, Culture Change

For over 20 years, I have been building relationships with people, developing leaders, and empowering teams. My leadership development work has spanned many different age groups, cultures, and organizational settings. Helping leaders grow in confidence, set goals, and succeed in the workplace is the best part of what I do.

In addition to coaching leaders individually, I also lead workshops on teamwork and communication.

Shannon Dew, ACC

1:1 Coaching

I coach leaders and executives on how to become a better version of themselves. I strongly believe that within each individual there is a vast opportunity for growth both personally and professionally. I use a unique framework incorporating psychology and assessment tools to get to the core of the issue and bring about transformational change in my clients. I also leverage my relational skills by connecting with clients in a real and personal way. This allows for deeper work resulting in change that is powerful and lasting.

Marta McKinnon, LMFT

Culture Change // Enneagram Debrief

I have encouraged and supported growth in individuals and organizations as a trainer, consultant and counselor for over three decades. I conduct workshops and retreats focused on building teams, opening communication, trust-building and managing change. I help people break through isolation, and connect more deeply with themselves and others in both individual sessions and workshop settings. My approach encourages openness and collaboration.

Clay Parcells, PCC

1:1 Coaching, Team Development

For over 30 years, I have worked in corporate America, leading organizations and growing people. For the past eleven, I have served corporate leaders as their leadership coach — helping them be their very best. 

I use my business experience in conjunction with coaching tools and assessments that help leaders improve and change in ways they never thought possible. My purpose and vision for my work is to help and support leadership teams and individual leaders to improve their game, which positively impacts business performance and the lives of others they touch every day.

Erick Herlong, ACC

1:1 Coaching

For over 27 years, I have worked in corporate settings, leading diverse teams and organizations. Over that time my greatest passion has been in developing and coaching people. For the last 10 years, along with my corporate career, I have trained in and taught yoga, mindfulness and meditation. The benefits I have experienced from this training have fundamentally shifted how I show up as a leader in my corporate work.

I use both my professional and teaching experience along with coaching frameworks and assessments to help leaders clarify their current state and then partner with them in a thought-provoking process that inspires them to maximize their potential.

My role as coach is to encourage self-discovery in a way that empowers the leader to harness their passions and strengths, to increase their leadership effectiveness and to expand what they hold possible for their life and career.

Brett Holleman, ACC

1:1 Coaching

For the past 30 years I have been building relationships and collaborating with business and organizational leaders across many different organizational sectors. Through these relationships, I have learned that leadership can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be lonely and wholistically demanding. I work with  individuals and teams who are committed to impactful, life-changing coaching conversations. I am a discerning and active listener so the leaders I work with feel seen, heard and valued. I then challenge leaders to journey better.  To lead better.

Meet the Rest of Our Team